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A service quote cannot take into account unforeseeable issues that are later identified once work has commenced. 

Examples include, but are not limited to the following:

  • prior shoddy workmanship

  • concealed materials that are no longer fit for purpose and require replacement as a result 

  • issues relating to 'behind the wall' or 'beneath the ground'

  • pics provided by the client and expecting a quote without a site visit

  • pre-installed utilities posing as an obstacle adversely impacting the original scope of work

  • any issue that can be reasonably identified as not being a fault of the tradesman in the normal service of best practise workmanship. 


Accordingly, when engaging North Bris Maintenance to do works the client accepts that should any unforeseen issues impact the initial scope of work, extra costs may be incurred. See below example.

Example of a work estimate variation

A client requests 4 new replacement doors to be hung with the old door furniture to be refitted. The client is advised it'll take around 6 hours. The job commences, however upon removing one of the old doors, it's discovered a couple of the timber door jams have been eaten away by termites and when uninstalling the door furniture, two of the door sets fall apart due to  years of use and componentry letting go. 


The job scope has now expanded to now include having to replace door jams as well as two new door passage sets (additional service plus materials costs) to resolve. Accordingly, a variation to the original indicative estimate is now required.

(non commercial i.e. home owners)

First hour (call out)

2nd hour on (p/hr)

Payment terms

Payment methods

Other Services

  $ 115 

commencing from the start of travel to the property

$   85

includes any time spent sourcing & procurement materials required to carry out the service

Immediate upon completion of work

EFTPOS (1.9% surcharge applies)

Flat pack / cabinetry installs are charged by the hour (first hour rate applies).

(commercial i.e. property managers, body corp)

Flat hourly rate

Payment methods

 $ 115 

As per the governing payment terms of the property management



Measurement Services

While every care is taken to ensure the best price possible, there are situations where adjustments to the scope of works may be required to address unforeseen circumstances. It's important to note that quotes are an educated assessment of the work required but cannot take into account into account costings associated with unforeseen circumstances. 


Examples include unforeseen issues arising from 'beneath the ground' or 'behind the wall' environments or substandard workmanship that was unable to be identified at the time of quote assessment. 


To test the validity of the issue, the question is asked - does the issue/s have a direct impact on  delivering the originally agreed outcome. If the answer is 'yes' a revised quote will be reissued, superseding the previous work commitment outlined in the original quote provided to and and accepted by the client.

Scope of Works &

Cancellation Policy


Any variations to the originally agreed scope of work and underpinning quote will be to the cost of the client and must be paid for in advance for work to continue.

If the job is cancelled by the client at any time, the client is liable for ALL costs associated with returns, restocking fees and any other costs incurred by North Bris Maintenance to return goods. Labour costs will be refunded commensurate with work completed up to that point.

If the job is cancelled by North Bris Maintenance, North Bris Maintenance is liable for ALL costs associated with returns, restocking fees and any other costs incurred to return goods. Any money paid by the client in advance will be returned to the client within 48hours of the client being advised the job is not proceeding as originally agreed.

Credit policy

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Credit terms for materials costing more than $250 may not be offered under certain circumstances. 

In cases such as these, material costs are to be deposited into the following account.


A works invoice will be raised, materials receipted against the invoice and a copy provided to the client for records and further reference.


Name: North Bris Receivables

BSB: 734-000

Acc # 856653

Ref: Job address


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