My goal is to provide my clients with reliable residential property maintenance and repair services at the right price, on time.


North Bris Maintenance is a service built on trust and focused on results. Owned and operated by me Steve (good lookin' rooster bottom right), I'm a lifelong north-sider offering maintenance solutions to homeowners and investors on Brisbane North.


Work approach

I am an old school tradie with old school work ethics that dictate a 'do it right, do it once' attitude. I don't entertain being mucked around and I assume you feel the same as well. I treat your house as if it is mine so you expect nothing less if you engage my services. I also have a tad of OCD and will reorganise your pantry if you turn your back.

Scope of work approach

On the odd occasion, clients have not liked what I have had to say in regards to repair and remediation advice. Not because I'm abrasive; on the contrary, these situations usually reflect clients not willing to respond with the necessary workmanship in the interest of saving a dollar or two. I get it. Doing things properly can cost a little more. But this is like expecting a cheap pair of shoes to last for years. It's just not going to happen.


In cases where this is the tone, there's a fair chance I will not take the job. My experience tells me I'll be back again a short time later and this is where potential conflicts can arise as a result. To avoid these situations, I uphold my reputation by choosing my work wisely and working with clients who share similar wisdom. Having said that, if you need a quick fix because you're moving on, give me a holla and I'll get it done for you.

So if you're an armchair expert who can't do the job (nor have the tools) but acquired virtual skills through watching a handful of YouTube clips, I'm not the bloke for you. Your supervisory skills, as well-meaning as they may be, might be better suited to a 'bash and crash' service offering tailgate warranties.

As far as my expertise is concerned, if your issue/s fall outside of my area of knowledge, I will tell you. No BS. I will then only refer you to tradies (where I can) who are client-focused, offer proven quality workmanship and are fairly priced.

If I've left anything out, feel free to give me and we can have a chat.




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