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North Bris Maintenance is a service built on trust by fostering positive and satisfying client relationships. 



My name is Steve Moncrieff and I own an operate North Bris Maintenance. I am a licenced carpenter with experience in variety of other associated trades as well (see Services). My goal is to provide my clients with residential property maintenance, repair and improvement services on time, on budget. Being a born and breed north-sider, my primary focus are suburbs on Brisbane northside.

Current State of the Building Industry

The building sector is currently experiencing multi-faceted challenges resulting in a highly volatile industry. Materials are subject to supply chain bottle necks, builders are going bust, material prices are inflating and a shortage of experienced tradesman are all factors conspiring to ensure doing a job properly can cost a little more than what one might've hope. Accordingly, clients may be confronted with repair and remediation advice underpinning a quote. Unfortunately that is the state of affairs currently and cannot be helped.


Scope of work approach

To offset the current state of the building industry, my approach is to treat your house as if it were mine. In doing so, clients can rest assured that I will always start with ground floor cost-effective solutions before graduating the response (if needed) until the issue is addressed to the satisfaction of the brief aligning with quality workmanship.

Where a client is not appreciative of what's required in terms of workmanship and best practise, it should be noted that I will not accept the job. Experience tells that nothing good ever comes from taking client directions to just do the bare minimum at the expense of non-compliance and/or a sub-standard sign-off. To do so would be to ensure a return visit a short time later to repair the repair, and this is where potential conflicts can arise as a result. To avoid these situations, work is only accepted from clients who share a similar workmanship wisdom in line with the aforementioned approach.

What if I can't help you?

As far as my expertise is concerned, if your issue/s fall outside of my area of knowledge I will tell you straight. I will not pretend to be a trade that am not. Instead, I will refer you to tradies (where I can) who are client-focused and offer quality workmanship at a fair price.

Engaging my services

Please read my service terms prior to getting touch. It's important that you understand how I offer my services and my expectations of my clients.  


I am an old school tradie with old school work ethics that dictates a 'do it right, do it once' attitude. Accordingly,

it is my expectation that our relationship is mutually respectful and appreciative of each others position. My workmanship coupled with choosing my clients wisely has been the key to my year on year success.

Once you've made it on to my client base I am happy to offer you less formal arrangements as a token of my appreciation for choosing to use my services again and as a reflection of the relationship that has been built. 


So if you've made to here, and all the above sounds ok to you, feel free to get in touch and we can get the ball rolling on establishing a relationship that you can depend upon now and into the future.



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