1hr      2hrs    3hrs     4hrs     5+hrs 

 $75       $75       $65        $65        $55  

$75       $150     $215      $280      $335 etc

$40 per hour to produce

  • Immediate upon completion of work

  • Contact-less payments (VISA, Mastercard)

  • 1.9% surcharge applies

Travel distance greater than 10km to the job site, a $25 surcharge is charged to & from the site.

Service area trabel charge exempt.PNG

Primary service area

Feel free to enquire if you are outside of this catchment.

98 553 837 457


While every care is taken to ensure the best price possible, there are situations where adjustments to the scope of works may be required to address unforeseen circumstances. It's important to note that quotes are educated assessment of the work required that cannot take into account unforeseen circumstances. 


Examples include unforeseen issues arising from 'beneath the ground' or 'behind the wall' or substandard workmanship that was unable to be identified at the time of quote assessment. 


To test the validity of the issue, the question is - does the issue/s have a direct impact on North Bris Maintenance to deliver the service as originally agreed. If the answer is 'yes' a revised quote will be required, and upon being issued, will supersede the previous work commitment outlined in the previous quote provided (and accepted by the client).

Scope of Works &

Cancellation Policy

Any variations to the originally agreed scope of work that exceeds the original scope of works from which the materials list were derived, will require upfront payment of the difference - consistent with North Bris Maintenance Ordering Policy principles.

If the job is cancelled by the client AFTER materials have been ordered, the client is liable for costs associated with returns, restocking fees and any other costs incurred by North Bris Maintenance to return goods. These costs will be deducted from the deposit with the balance being returned to the client with a full cost breakdown. 

Credit policy

North Bris Maintenance does not offer credit terms for materials greater than $250.

Materials less than $250, no deposit required.

Materials greater than $250 but less than $1000, 50% materials deposit required.

Materials greater than $1000, 100% materials deposit required.


Name: North Bris Receivables

BSB: 734-000

Acc # 856653

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